DreamLife Retreat

Who are you, really? What do you really want? Why are you here? Your DreamLife is waiting for you. DreamLife Retreat is your divine appointment.


Your Guide James MacNeil

"I've been developing this retreat for 25 years and I promised my wife I would manifest DreamLife into reality."


The Resort

Your DreamLife Retreat will be held at an Exotic Ultra-VIP 5-Star Resort in Mexico. This beach front masterpiece hosts tranquil nature paths and 5-Star dining.

The DreamLife Retreat is 7 days in paradise with 24 other beautiful souls. There are 5 intensive days with James as your guide where he will show you to awaken your PurePower with Calm Confidence, Safe Strength and Pure Motivation.


Why DreamLife?

You were designed to Be More, Do More, Have More and Give More than you have previously imagined.

PurePower is yours now. You are perfect in your design and gifted with strengths, abilities, competence and capacities, designed to bless this world and thrill your soul.

Your life was never intended to be frustrating or futile. At the DreamLife Retreat you will see your Purposeful Path Pure Happiness, and the Best Possible You!

A Deeper Look Into The DreamLife™ Retreat

You Will Learn To Stop

  • Wasting your life and “Majoring in Minors”
  • Chasing trinkets and trash and find your True Treasure
  • Suffering with Self-Sabotage and get on your own Team
  • Allowing Fear and Frustration to Forfeit your Flow
  • Stumbling in the dark without the light of a clear Compelling Vision
  • Stopping yourself and see how Truly Unstoppable you are
  • Rejecting your tidal wave of Love, Joy, Peace, and Prosperity

You Will Learn To Start

  •  Enjoying Fearless Freedom to Fully “Go For It” and live your  DreamLife™
  •  Clean-Slate living without the weight of Anger, Bitterness and Resentment
  •  Living life to the fullest with Love, Laughter and Legacy 
  •  Listening to your Inner-Child and its Fearless Wide-Eyed Wonder
  •  Living-On-Purpose with Meaning, Vision and Inspiration 
  •  Effortlessly enjoying Guilt-Free Prosperity throughout your Life


Are You Ready To Begin Your DreamLife?

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